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Are your products gluten-free?

Are your products vegan?

How do I choose the right mānuka honey / MGO for me?

Does mānuka honey have the power to heal?

What is Royal Jelly and why is it special?

What is propolis?

Is all your packaging recyclable?

Is Mānuka Health’s honey organic?​

How do I use mānuka honey?


What are the advantages of mānuka honey MGO certification?

What are Mānuka Health’s testing parameters?

Is mānuka honey tested in New Zealand before it's exported?

How do i know my Mānuka honey is genuine?


Is all your packaging recyclable?

Is Mānuka Health’s honey organic?​

Orders and shipping

Do you ship internationally?

I ordered the wrong item, can I return it?

Do I need an account to shop with Manuka Health?


All about auto-replenish

How does auto-replenish work?

Can I have multiple auto-replenish orders live at the same time?

How much does it cost?

What if I need to change how frequently I receive my order?

What if I need to change the shipping or billing address?

How can I manage my auto-replenish order?


Join us in The Hive

How do I redeem loyalty points?

Do I have to pay to become a member of The Hive?

How do I earn Pollen Points?

How long do my Pollen Points last?

What rewards will I receive as a member of The Hive?

Do I have to shop with Mānuka Health directly to earn and redeem Pollen Points?

What happens if I return a product or if my order is cancelled?

How can I track my Pollen Points balance?

How do I refer-a-friend?