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MGO 115+ Mānuka Honey On-The-Go

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A great way to get a natural boost of pure Mānuka Honey when on the go.

Each box contains 12 individual servings of our delicious MGO 115+ Mānuka Honey. A super convenient and mess-free way to get the natural goodness of Mānuka honey when you're out and about - ideal for lunchboxes, travelling, sports, or in your bag as an instant pick-me-up whenever needed. Just bend the sachet in half, snap and squeeze.


100% New
Zealand origin

Tested for quality, purity
and NZ origin

Certified for natural
MGO content

Manuka honey is a versatile superfood that provides a wholesome natural boost and has a delicious flavour to enrich foods and drinks.

These single-serve packs are perfect for sportspeople, in lunchboxes, when travelling or camping or any time you're on the go and still need your daily dose of Manuka. 

Simply bend the sachet in half, snap and squeeze to:

• Enjoy straight from the pack
• Add to water, tea, coffee or smoothies
• Drizzle over sweet or savoury foods
• Apply to skin for DIY beauty

Avoid exposure to prolonged high heat (boiling or baking). 
Store at room temperature, away from direct light and heat.
Honey is not suitable for infants under 12 months of age.

100% pure Monofloral MGO 115+ New Zealand Manuka Honey (12 x 5g single serve sachets)

  • MGO 115+ means this honey has been tested and certified to contain minimum 115mg/kg of methylglyoxal (MGO). 
  • MGO is a naturally occurring compound in Manuka honey that is a scientifically proven measure of its unique potency. 
  • Monofloral means this is pure Manuka honey made wholly or mostly from Manuka nectar. 

We go to great lengths to ensure you can trust in our products: 

• Tested and certified for MGO potency - minimum 115mg/kg natural methylglyoxal (MGO) content 

• UMF6+ Certified - independently certified for potency, quality and authenticity by the UMF Honey Association 

• NON-GMO Project Verified 

• Kosher certified 

• Halal certified 


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